Remove Unwanted Vehicles From Your Property

Get private property impounding services in Milwaukee, WI

If you own a lot in Milwaukee, WI that is cluttered by unpermitted cars, you can turn to Action Towing for free private property impounding services. We provide parking permits and towing services to remove cars that aren't supposed to be on your property, all at no charge to you.

Private property impounding is essential for places like apartment complexes and restaurants to ensure their valuable parking spaces are not being misused. You can trust us to monitor your lot and impound any unauthorized vehicles. Contact us today to schedule routine impound towing.

Call us to remove vehicles

Did you notice an unpermitted car on your lot? You can reach out to us to remove it immediately. If you don't want to wait for us to perform routine monitoring, you can call us at 414-510-6122 for free instant impound towing.